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The aim of this site is to present the projects underway within our Group to promote the development of Information and Communication Technologies for Teaching and Training (ICTT).

Our Group :
  • adopts an approach whereby knowledge is disseminated and shared freely and openly:

    Access to OpenCourse Ware

      A number of professors working in our Schools authorize free access to pedagogical supports relating to their teaching programs.
    The use of these resources is open in accordance with copyright regulations. You are invited to refer to the user licenses associated with each resource as well as the founding charter of this initiative.
  • promotes the use of ICT for teaching (ICTT) and training;
  • enhances the value of experimentation and research in this field;
  • participates in the development of tools which increase the level of sharing and exchange in learner communities.
Information and communication science and technologies lie at the heart of the teaching, research and training programs in our Schools.
Naturally our Group is a significant player in the development of their usages.


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